Pass, Set, and Spike!!! Grade 7 and 8 PE.

The grade 7 and 8 students have finished their floor hockey unit and have moved on to Volleyball. Both sports are growing in popularity here at SSIS, and the students have been participating with great passion.  In volleyball students have shown growth over the last couple of weeks; learning the basics such as passing, setting, serving and how to work together as a team on the court.

We are so happy to see so many students coming out for CISSA floor hockey; practicing both indoors and outdoors showing grit and determination. We look forward to seeing many students come out for the volleyball  season in the new year, and hopefully in a few years some of the same students will bring home an ACAMIS gold too! image-15 image-16 image-17png image-18 image-19 image-20 image-21 image-22 image-23 image-25png image-30

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