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Social Media and Teens

The fast advances in technology in the 21st century have improved life for many. Thanks to technology, communication is faster and better.  We are able to share ideas, knowledge and opinions in the blink of an eye.  We can now shop from home, work from home and be entertained at home!  We all agree that there are many positive things about technology, but there are also negatives. When it comes to teenagers and their use of technology, parents often feel confused. As a counsellor, I am often asked questions like:

  • How much time spent on the computer/mobile phone/games console is too much?
  • Is my child safe in the world of social media?
  • How can I as a parent help my child navigate the confusing world of social media?

What it comes down to is having an open conversation with your son or daughter about social media and establishing ground rules as a parent.  It is important to monitor your child’s use of social media and set privacy settings.  Have a conversation with your child about why it is important.  Explain to them that you are doing this to protect them so that you can make sure they are not being taken advantage of, being bullied or misusing the privilege of social media.

If you allow them to use sites like Facebook, WeChat, Snapchat etc., review what kinds of posts are appropriate.  Also discuss how a digital imprint is there for life so they should think about what they post online because it can’t be erased!

Do not give out personal details on social media or accept requests to be friends from people you do not know.  Advise them to talk to you, a teacher or a counsellor if this happens.  Please check out their sites.  You have every right as a parent. If they don’t want their mom or dad to see it, then it probably should not be posted.

SSIS will be holding a talk on Teens and Social Media on Wednesday May 17 at 630-730.  Becci Dow, a Clinical Psychologist at Olivia’s Place in Shanghai will be offering tips and strategies to help monitor your child’s use of social media.  Space is limited so sign up on WeChat.


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