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Published on May 7th, 2017 | by Science Editor


Grade 11 Group 4 Project: Introducing the theme Bad Science! 

This week all grade 11 students were introduced to the IBDP Group 4 Project. The Group 4 project is collaborative and interdisciplinary group task that all students must complete to be awarded the Diploma.

This year’s theme is Bad Science. To introduce this theme to the students the science department set up a number of stations highlighting everyday examples of Bad Science. Students moved station to station considering how each one was example of bad science and why many people believe it. The stations explored homeopathy, autism and vaccines, blood groups and personality, bad science in the media, climate change denial, everyday radiation levels, the science of successful names and the science behind food and health.

The students were engaged and asked a number of thoughtful questions. They are well prepared to choose their own bad science topic and investigate it in detail. They will have 10 hours to work collaboratively on their topic and present their findngs to rest of grade 11. This implementation and presentation part of the group 4 project is scheduled for 15th and 16th June.

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