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Exam Tips for Middle School

Exam week is here!  This can be a stressful time for many students.  The pressure is on to do well and study hard.  Here are some things that to help your studying and help your mental well-being during exam time.

First, it is important to start studying for final exams at least a week to two weeks prior.  This helps relieve the time pressure and allows you to focus on subjects in small time chunks.  For middle schoolers, it is best to study in 30 – 45 minute blocks with a break between subjects.

Don’t be a passive studier!  Write out flashcards and or notes as you study of key terms and concepts.  Keep in mind your learning style and use a technique that fits for you.  For example, if you are an auditory learner, you may want to record yourself saying your notes or do a presentation for your parents on key points you are studying.

Listen to the teacher!  Your teacher’s have given you study guides or helpful hints to help focus your studying.  Use this.  It helps you be focused and concentrate on what the teacher wants you to know for the exam.

Schedule your time!  Block off time for each subject, exercise and breaks.  Using a schedule will help you manage your time and be more productive.

Find a study buddy.  Once you have done some studying on your own, it can help to go over the material with a classmate.  Take turns quizzing each other.

Make sure to take time to exercise every day.  It is proven that exercise helps relieve stress and can help you study better as you will be more focused.  Make a study schedule and fit in time for exercise.

Eat and sleep wellJ  your brain needs nourishment in the form of water, notorious food and lots of sleep.    Fuel your brain with 8 glasses of water a day, lots of veggies and get 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night.

Take deep breathes to calm yourself if you feel anxious.  Focus on your breath going in through the nose and into your lungs and then follow it out.  Do 5-10 deep breaths.  If you feel too anxious and the stress is overwhelming, come see your counsellor and we can helpJ

Good luck everyone!

For more information on note-taking strategies and test taking tips check out this site:

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