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What to do on Summer Holidays?

So summer holidays are just around the corner-so what can you do with all that time?


Well, if you are in Grade 11 you probably have a list of things to do-actually you better have a list of things to do! More about that in a later blog –but what about the rest of our SSIS students…here are some good ideas to have a productive summer


1.Ted talk-listen to some Ted talk lectures.

Try this link below for some Ted talks made for a student audience from  mensa for kids


Also check out this link:

With over 245,000 Ted lessons answering over 14,000,000 million questions… there must be some interesting there for you!



  1. Get reading


Why not ask one of your teachers for some summer reading suggestions about something that you are super interested in? Keep a reading log-how many books can you read this summer? Challenge your self!



  1. Get Outside

Why not get a pedometer and track how many kilometres you can walk this summer. Use your math skills to chart it and set your weekly goals. Find out how far it would be to walk to some place cool and then see if you can match that distance during the summer!

Enjoy your summer!


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