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Grade 7/8 Team Challenge Camp

This past Friday 127 grade 7/8 students and 20 teachers did not get on their normal buses home, but instead, camped out on the school field for our first ever Team Challenge Camp! The event kicked off at 3:30 with 12 Team Challenge Events that promoted collaboration, leadership skills, and teamwork. The teams were a mix of 7th and 8th graders so it was a great opportunity for students to mix and get to meet new friends. The activities included creating a giant “tractor wheel” made out of old newspapers that students had to move from point A to point B while inside the wheel, and the student favorite: “the water line” where students had to pass water from a bottle on top of their head to other students bottles, also on top of their heads, as well as many other great challenges. The weather was hot and sunny so the “water line” activity felt especially good after being out in the sun for a while. After an hour of team challenges, the students had an unexpected challenge: to set up their tents! Lots of students embraced this opportunity and it was great to watch them work together and with their teachers to learn how to put a tent together. For dinner, everyone enjoyed a delicious BBQ meal put together by our school chef. After dinner, we had a “camp fire” where we sang a song and played a few games before students headed off to their tents for time with their friends. Everyone was up with the sun on Saturday morning at 5:30 AM. We were able to put our tents away, have breakfast and complete the rest of the team challenge events. Lastly, the winning teams were announced for both the team challenge and the most team spirit. All teachers and students went home and it wouldn’t be surprising if everyone had a nice long nap on Saturday afternoon. Overall a great first 7/8 Team Challenge Camp, and we are already looking forward to planning the next one.TB

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