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Message from Campus Principal, Term 2, Week 3

Dear Senior School parents,
It’s quite unbelievable but the year of 2017 is coming close to an end. Before we say goodbye to this year, we would like to spend a few moments reflecting on the first 4 months of this academic year.
These 16 weeks were a culmination of activities, camps and excursions which helped teachers and students build strong ties and prepared them to work as a unified team. Other highlights included the hosting of ACAMIS Volleyball and the community-wide event of International Family Bazaar. Besides learning academic subjects and developing their skills, caring for others through our Greetings Campaign and other fund-raising efforts were a continual drive for our students.
Last Friday, more than 70 students and teachers let their hair down and revamped our pre-school dining hall into a vision of Prism of Light. This is the first time that all grade levels could celebrate this Winter Formal together. The Student Council members in charge of this event took weeks to plan and organise the event. No doubt, their efforts have paid off.
Looking forward, we know 2018 will be an even more exciting time as we prep and journey with our students and parents for transitions, academic deadlines and major examinations.
Here’s wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Student of the Week
TAN, Kwan Shao Gabriel Grade 11 Sapphire IB Student
TAN, Kwan Shao Gabriel embodies numerous aspects of the IB learner profile as he is open-minded, balanced and a risk-taker. In his recent FOA (Further Oral Activity), there was a clear sense of growth and progression that has permeated his transition from the challenge of IGCSE to the rigours of IB. Throughout, he conveyed a clear understanding of the idiosyncrasies of his chosen persona whilst exploring a complex issue in an engaging, insightful manner. Furthermore, the calculated risks he takes within his written and verbal feedback allow him, and his peers, to challenge their preconceived notions of language including a deep exploration of how context, audience and purpose affect meaning. Balancing his academic studies with his extra-curricular activities and, simultaneously, being well-regarded by his classmates is a challenge that he has routinely risen to. Being part of the current Grade 11 cohort, it will be exciting to see him grow, develop and challenge himself to attain even greater success in the future.
Upcoming dates:
Jan. 2 School resumes on Tuesday
Jan. 17 -19 ACAMIS Basketball (Hong Kong)
Jan. 19 – 21 CISSMUN
Jan. 20 Grade 8 (10 am) and Grade 10 (11 am)Parents Course Selection Info Session; SISAC Basketball
Jan. 24 Grade 6 Parents Transition Session
Jan. 30 Grade 6 Students Visit to Senior School
Feb. 9 Chinese New Year Celebration

Warm regards

Terry Senior

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