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Sport Education

This term in PE saw the introduction of Sport Education into the grade 9 and 10 curriculum. This instructional model is intended to provide the students with a more authentic and enjoyable experience in PE.  The overall aim is to help students become competent, literate, and enthusiastic sports people. Students participate as members of teams working together in order to improve and win points. There is a huge focus on celebration and each lesson awards are given for different things. Some examples are best warm up, most motivated team, best team communication.  Mr Thomas (PE Teacher) commented that ‘it was a proud moment to see students coaching each other and helping each other develop’.

Each student has their own roles and responsibilities within their team and these need to be fulfilled in order to be successful. There is a culminating event at the end of the unit which recognizes individual and team performances. For the concluding event this term, a badminton tournament was organized. The teams had to select which players would play in the following categories; singles, doubles and mixed doubles.


The students themselves officiated and kept the scores. It was a highly successful event that all students enjoyed. One student said ‘I really like the feeling I get when I have improved with my teammates. It makes me feel like I have really accomplished something’ KIMIZONO Kayo- Grade 10.

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