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Published on February 2nd, 2018 | by Visual Art Editor


Learning Different through Visual Art

Visual Arts at SSIS is on the rise. Walking through the first-floor hallway, of the Min Hang campus your senses will be delighted with visuals and sound. The arts wing of our secondary school is vibrant with the creative work along the walls and in the classrooms. You are invited to enter and participate in the learning where music, motion, design, and ideas flourish daily.

Currently in the grade 7 class, Mr. Koh is giving expert skill demonstrations and development exercises to our students in the very temperamental media of watercolor. Students have immediately realized the soft blend that occurs when applying clean water to your stretched paper before adding color to produce the natural forms of clouds and water in our observed environment.


To walk into a current grade 8 class, you will experience a whirlwind of inks, rubber, sketches, and water in a chaotic synchronicity! Students have researched the genre of Scientific Illustration and produced original designs for reduction printing on themes related to their favorite science subject.


With guidance from Ms. Ivy, students in grade nine set off earlier last month being introduced to the structure and requirements of the IGCSE Art and Design exam. Students have done experiments in drawing and painting in a variety of media. Each student chose an exam question from last year’s paper to complete as their mock exam. Themes are explored and presented through visual language of sign, symbol, representation and design.


The IGCSE Art and Design culminating exam is an extensive undertaking of research, development, reflection, revision, and design under a controlled time and environment. Students have spend the majority of their year 10 preparing a variety of resources to aid them in the completion of their final work. Excellent growth has been evident in both character and skill.


The first year of grade 11 is a firestorm of research and development. Students have met the task of bridging their process heavy IGCSE program with the concept and theory based focus of Diploma Program Visual Arts. Through the creation of print media, installation and mixed media art under the careful and inspiring guidance of Ms. Ivy and Mr. Koh, our junior art students are already wading the vast depths of potential their combined personal knowledge and discovery behold.


As the days grow closer to the ‘big show’, a nickname given to the annual IB DP Visual Arts Exhibition, students are working fastidiously toward the lofty aims of displaying a “7” worthy solo exhibition. A walk-through grade 12 visual art will be a combined sight of artifact production, critical curatorial writing, and goal driven discriminating revision of the process portfolio. Perhaps the most mechanical and self-motivated build up to a culminating assessment can be the mesmerizing activity in grade 12.


We are proud of our senior school art program at SSIS as it continues to grow and produce novel academic objects that enhance the lives of the whole school community. We invite everyone to join the enlightenment and fun of our department. Particularly, mark your calendar for the opening reception of our graduating art students IBDP Visual Art Exhibition on display during the Student Led Conferences. Information to assist you in your experience of “Splendor: Not What You Expected, Learning Different” will be provided.

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