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Counselling Update

Well, it is mid April already-and sometimes we just wonder just how fast the year has flown!

It has been a busy year so far in the Counselling Office with university offers, university visits and our 2nd Annual University Fair, Career Day and a host of professional development events attended to ensure that we can best serve our SSIS students.

University Offers

31 out of 71 current offers or 43% are to world top 50 ranked schools including: University of Toronto, McGill University, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, City University of Hong Kong, University College London, King’s College London, University of Manchester.


 Diverse Majors

Offers in diverse majors like: Medicine, Computer Science, Biomedical Sciences, Dentistry, Business Technology, Electrical and Information Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Psychology, Marketing, Politics, Art, Philosophy and Economics, Geography


Medicine and Dentistry

SISS is pleased to note that we have offers from St. George’s University of London and University College Cork in Medicine as well as Dentistry from University College Cork. Medicine and dentistry places are extremely competitive especially for international school students. In the UK, for every 10 applicants applying to Medicine there is only one place available; for every 9 applicants applying to Dentistry there is only one place available



Over 1,380,000 yuan in undergraduate scholarships this academic year.

SSIS students will continue to receive offers from all over the world in all types of majors . We will provide further updates later in the year as our students continue to receive offers from their dream schools!


 University Fair/Visits

This year we had our biggest university fair yet!  On March 12 2018 we had over 80 universities visiting our school from 13 different countries. That means we have had a total of 150 individual university and institute visits to our SSIS campus.

We are committed to try to increase this next year and will put in another huge effort to do so.

Career Day

For our 2018 SSIS Career Day we  invited 8 guests from various professional fields to share their academic and work experience with SSIS students. 8 guests  from Finance, Engineering, Renewable Energy, Entrepreneur, Psychology, Dentistry, Human Resources, and Photography fields. This year, we targeted more comprehensive and in-depth content and more personal communication opportunities between guests and students. The format was designed with each guest in their own classroom, and students signed up for two topics they were interested in. We also selected and trained 10 student ambassadors. The win-win purpose behind it is that we empowered SSIS students with better soft skills and enriched their extracurricular activity experience on the one hand, and  our well-trained student ambassadors contributed significantly to the event and impressed visitors with their professionalism.


Continued Professional Development


Continued professional development is essential to help counsellors keep up with the latest trends in university applications and to improve  our social-emotional counselling practice.

Mr. Mark Donagher-our head of department went to the 2017 CIS-EARCOS Institute on International Admission and Guidance in Bangkok  in September where he had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of university admission officers and help them find out more about SSIS and our wonderful students.


This month Ms. Cai Hong travelled to Seoul Korea to attend a two day workshop on Solution Focused Therapy which will allow her to add this therapy to assist our SSIS students to adjust to the pressures of trying to thrive in today’s ever more competitive academic environment.


In early June Mr. Aaron Klein will be representing SSIS Counselling at the ‘Symposium on Internationalisation – from High School to University’ at EdUHK in Hong Kong. This is a wonderful opportunity to again ensure that SSIS counsellors are at the forefront of what is happening with university admissions and helping our SSIS students transfer from high school to university.


This summer when we all want to relax on the beach Mr. Donagher will be hard at work. He will start the summer on the Southwestern Ontario Universities Tour, then go to the  2018 International ACAC Conference in New Orleans and then go to the 2018 Champlain Valley Counselor Post IACAC Tour. This is part of the Counselling Offices commitment to try and have the best and most up to date information in university applications to help our students make the best decisions possible.


So as you can see it has been a busy year so far in the Counselling Office and we will continue to “Strive for Excellence ” counselling SSIS students!


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