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Students creating beautiful works of art in ICT

During this year in ICT, students have covered many topics. These topics have covered the more traditional areas of ICT of Introductory programming, Digital citizenship and how a computer works. This year in keeping with the theme, “Is there a universal beauty?” we took it a step farther and worked with CGI (Computer-generated Imagery). Including CGI proved to be a fantastic choice as all of the students were able to produce something, and many of the students who had not found a niche in ICT could suddenly shine.



All of the students had the same final project. This project while it took a great many weeks showed just how individualistic the students were in their tastes. From bright and cheery doughnuts greeting someone in the morning to a couple of lonely doughnuts lying on a plate in a dark room, these students produced beautifully detailed work.


As an ICT teacher, I have always been a fan of the Learning by doing theory in education. To me, it has always been an affirmation that the teacher’s role is one of guidance and that students learn more through guidance than through dictation.



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