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Messages form Assistant Principall, Term 3, Week 8

Dear Senior School Parents,
Campus Safety
To enhance our campus safety and security measures, we introduced the Family and Pick-up Cards during the first trimester. These enhancements require that only Family and Pick-up cardholders have the right to leave the campus with the child(ren) as shown on the reverse of the card.
If you would like somebody else to pick-up your child/ren:

For ad-hoc cases, the procedure is to:
a) Write in to the divisional principal and seek permission in advance, providing the following information:
(Any requests posed after 12 noon on the day of the change may not be entertained)
  • Reason for change of pick-up arrangements
  • Date of the change
  • Name of designated adult 
  • ID information (if not an SSIS parent)

b) After approval has been given, the designated adult will have to sign out the student(s) at the Level 1 front desk. 

c) Volunteer the completed form to the security personnel at the gate and the designated adult will be able to leave the school with the student(s).
However, when a parent requires to request for a permanent approval, we recommend that the parent  designate a particular friend/adult to be the Pick-up cardholder for your family. 
To do so, please do the following:
  • Submit your friend’s photo as the Pick-up cardholder on the school website, under Parent Essentials
  • This is similar to applying for a Family card

Once the application has been received, with the Pick-up card, your friend entrusted with the duty to pick up your child will be able to legitimately leave the school with the student(s) and not have to complete any forms at all.
School Library
Please note that Friday, 25 May 2018 is the last day for the students to check out library books.  By Friday, 1 June 2018, all the students should return all of the library books they have borrowed.  

Friday, 8 June 2018 is the last day for the library to open for this academic year. This will give time for the library to conduct inventory checks and prepare for next academic year. 

End of Year Examinations

Grade 9 and 11 students are starting their End of Year Examinations on Monday. Grade 7 and 8 students will start to have their exams on the 25th and until then they will continue their regular classes.

Student of The Week
Paarth K. SHARMA G7/8 Ruby 1

Paarth K. Sharma has been chosen as Humanities student of the week, and it is with good reason.  Paarth’s passion for the Humanities has been evident through out the year. In G8 History and Geography Paarth loves to engage in discussion, ask questions to clarify his understanding, and propose his thinking to the group to take learning to another level. 
While Paarth shows an affinity for the Humanities in class, he also participated in multiple ASP programs having a Humanities focus. In MUN, he attended four different conferences around Shanghai. He enjoyed how MUN helped him understand the world around him, and gave him experience in formal debate and diplomacy.  Paarth was awarded First Delegate at CISMUN this year for his overall engagement with the conference. 
Paarth also enjoyed his experience with World Scholars’ Cup, which he felt was a truly international experience, with a less formal, but dynamic learning environment.  Paarth found that there was an advantage to being a part of both MUN and World Scholars’ Cup this year, because while MUN allows you to understand formal debate and diplomacy, the internationally-minded curriculum of World Scholars’ Cup encourages gaining knowledge in a fun, competitive environment.  Paarth is on to the Global Round of World Scholars’ Cup in June, as well as a bright future, influencing our world in a positive way. 
Best Regards
      Ms. Billie LEONG
         Assistant Principal
         Campus Safety & Operations

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